2004 - 2007 gallery

This is really a hotchpotch of some old photos I've taken over the years on occasions when I was wasn't whoring my skills for money. Not really worth making captions for all of them them - here's just some highlights of the history behind some of them.

The first one is the castle by the river in Cracow at night which is cheesy enough to be put smack right onto some postcard. It was taken during an all night shooting session with some friends which ended at 6 o'clock in the morning with this terribly kitsch sunrise city horizon.

The frozen over landscape with the rail yard in the foreground was taken from a friends balcony in a tall block of flats also in Cracow. Taken early in the morning after the new year's eve party (when the fireworks photo was taken too). You can just about see the church in the deep background which is where the town square is where the fireworks display had taken place.

The dead dog on the tracks was an odd sight that caught my eye when I was coming back home terribly hung over from a different party at a friend's place and in my dazed state thought taking a photo of that was a good idea. Turned out to be pretty grim but I liked it enough to keep it. To balance things out I placed some inoffensive ducks right next to it.

The photo with the lighting may look suspicious but it is in fact untouched; it was taken from my office window when I worked at Reality Pump with a long exposure during a stormy night. I had the bad habit of hanging round the office way past the closing time.