In 2009 I went to Budapest for a very brief visit. At the risk of being flamed and my inbox flooded: I was terribly underwhelmed by my experience there.

The landscape on which the city is located is pretty picturesque but the same can't be said about the city itself. It's a little bit more run down than your average European capital city. I've been to the city in the evening only once and I wasn't feeling particularly safe and had a less then pleasant encounter with a worryingly bedraggled person. To be fair that can happen in any of the cities around the world but usually there are crowds around and police at hand. Budapest is eerily empty by comparison. I'm probably being overly harsh but that was my personal experience - YMMV.

All the photos were taken on the castle hill on the Buda side. The weather was stormy but delightful (the rain held off until we left) and perfect for taking pictures. Complete with dramatic clouds.

My visit ended at an extreme low when I failed to see the houses of parliament because the ticket-office took ages to issue the tickets and I missed one of the few slots on that day. You cannot book the tickets in advance and you have to pick them up on the same day. The ticket office had two windows but only one was open and the workers demonstrated perfectly what post-communism mentality looks like and I should know, I grew up in Poland.