Isle of Wight

These are a selection of photos I've taken all over the Isle of Wight (except near the Needles which have their own gallery.) whilst I was living here between 2007 and 2010.

The first one is a night shot of the office building I used to work in at Stainless Games. I may have touched up the sky a little bit.

The other two night shots are of the pub which we frequented quite often and the church on the main square which we didn't.

The black and white photo of the tunnel has been taken in the underground section of the battery which connects the coastal defence compound with an outlook post.

The fountain and the manor are the Osborne House - the former summer Royal Residence which is now open to the public and is another staple of the visit to the Isle of Wight. The black and white shot is the door to the ice cellar located on its grounds.

The colourful beach huts are in Ventnor, a town on the southern coast with the fewest rainy days in the UK, home to the Ventnor Gardens taking advantage of its micro-climate.