On the same holiday during which I visited Budapest I also went to Prague. Prague was definitely the highlight of my trip.

Prague is stunning. At every time of the day. It seems really friendly to tourists and I felt comfortable coming back to the hotel at well past 10 pm using the public transport system. My stay was pretty brief and I may come back to visit again later in life.

The first picture is one you probably seen a variation of a hundred times already - I think it's required by law to take a photo of the astronomical clock if you're a tourist.

I felt very comfortable walking the streets and the views were strangely familiar to the ones you could see in Cracow were I had lived for years previously.

The bird shot stuck in the middle of this was actually taken within the city which has quite a few green spots throughout.

This is one of the panoramas I've shot taken from the hill overlooking the east bank of Prague. The original is too big to host (70MB) but here's a scaled down version.

file: prague_east_bank_panorama_small_lq.jpg (6.7MB)

The photos church photos were taken in St. Vitus Cathedral which is in the middle of the castle complex on the western bank of Prague.

The room with the spider-web-like arcs on the ceiling is the Throne room off to the side of the Vladislav Hall in the castle complex.