Tatra Mountains

These photos have been taken in the course of two trips to the Tatra mountains in Poland - except the few last ones taken in Zywiec, a nearby city.

The Tatra Mountain range is a stunning wildlife reserve, open to the public with beautiful walking routes and only 2 hours by car from Cracow (which is definitely the place to stay if you visit Poland). At peak season it's chock-full of tourists making it worthwhile to visit in autumn or spring when it's quieter.

The first one with the lake under the mountains is the "Morskie Oko" ("Marine Eye") - quite a picturesque body of water surrounded by high mountains.

The black and white panoramic photo of a range contains the "Giewont" - not the highest but certainly the most famous peak in the mountain range (at least on the Polish side of the mountains). According to legend it is was a giant who has lied down there to rest - if you look at the right it looks a little bit like a head of someone smoking a pipe (the pipe being a cross).

The bird in the photo is probably a Chaffinch (a really well fed one) but I'm not an expert on birds.

The few photos where you can see the autumn leaves proves how natures is still buzzing with activity late into the year - flower still blooming, piercing the leaves, bumblebees pollinating them.