The Needles

Between 2007 and 2010 I lived on the Isle of Wight in the UK. It's a small and eerily peaceful island a few miles off of the southern coast - right across from Portsmouth and Southampton. I have very little so say about it - mostly because I don't think I explored it enough or lived there long enough to offer too much insight or information. It's small, tranquil and apart from the festivals in the summer not a lot happens there. It is a picturesque place though and has a fairly warm climate - especially compared to mainland UK.

On several occasions I ventured to the westernmost part of the island to the most tourist trodden spot, which includes the Needles - a group of white rocks protruding from the water at the western tip of the island.

The pictures below have been taken at different times of the year and day. All of them either feature the needles or have been taken in their vicinity. At one time I have put a photo of the needles on the wikipedia page and then later, by chance, found it in an online guide to the island (posted there without any credit) which means someone thought it was good.

The Celtic cross is on a hilly cliff-side leading up the needles. The pictures were taken with the setting sun behind the cross.

The oddly coloured cliff is another well known attraction of the island - the Alum Bay. Several layers of rock (some in quite vivid colours) got upturned in of the geological upheavals in the island's history and now form a vertically striped cliff.

The two other photos have been taken facing away from the needles along the either coast running from them. The sunset with faint god-rays has been taken from near where the Celtic cross is.