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Daggerfall music

This is a place for Daggerfall remade/remixed/inspired music I have managed to get hold of over the years. The original compositions have been created by Eric Heberling who wrote the music for both Arena and Daggerfall in the midi format - which in 1996 was at its end. You can visit the composer's site at heberlingmusic.com - the testimonials section contains a touching email from Tansel which to an extent echoes my feeling towards these compositions.

Also, if you know about any more songs available out there or would want me to host yours please e-mail me.

Big thanks to Brendan for helping me with parts of the compilation.

Updated 2012-12-16: Replaced damaged mp3s under Robert Hood with better (and undamaged) ogg versions from project DungeonHack. Similarly upgraded Dan Goodale's files with ogg versions from DaggerXL Music Project. I am indebted to ultramage for finding all of the files through brilliant detective work and sheer doggedness.

Ramon Molesworth (Ragholio)

Arrangements created as part of the DaggerXL Music Project. Visit the author at reverbnation.com/ramon.

file: Ramon Molesworth - 02.ogg (4.5MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 03.ogg (3.3MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 06.ogg (2.7MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 08.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 12.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 15.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 16.ogg (2.3MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 18.ogg (2.9MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 20.ogg (2.6MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 22.ogg (3.6MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 23.ogg (2.4MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 25.ogg (2.5MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - 29.ogg (2.1MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - FM SWIM2.ogg (3.8MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - GEERIE.ogg (3.8MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - GRUINS.ogg (3.7MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - GSHOP.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - GSTORY.ogg (3.8MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - folk1.ogg (1.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - folk2.ogg (1.0MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - gmage 3.ogg (2.3MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - gpalac.ogg (3.3MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - magic 2.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - oversnow.ogg (3.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - raining.ogg (2.8MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - snowing.ogg (3.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - square 2.ogg (1.2MB)
file: Ramon Molesworth - swimming.ogg (2.9MB)


Visit the author at soundcloud.com/omega9.

file: Omega9 - Oversnow.mp3 (2.7MB)
file: Omega9 - Snowing.mp3 (2.9MB)
file: Omega9 - Swim.mp3 (3.0MB)

Frank Howell

Frank Howell worked with us on ReDF, though some of these tunes were taken from his Morrowind mod. The files prefixed with "Frank" are original compositions.
Frank is currently the vocals and strings of the band Aphemia. Photo courtesy of Dom Henry.

file: Frank Howell - Dagger08.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Frank Howell - Dagger23.mp3 (1.0MB)
file: Frank Howell - Dagger Curse.mp3 (1.7MB)
file: Frank Howell - Dagger in the Rock.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Frank Howell - Folk1.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Frank Howell - Neutral.mp3 (1.0MB)
file: Frank Howell - Overcast.mp3 (1.4MB)
file: Frank Howell - Palace.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Frank Howell - Ruins.mp3 (1.7MB)
file: Frank Howell - Sunny2.mp3 (1.4MB)
file: Frank Howell - Tavern.mp3 (0.9MB)
file: Frank Howell - ReDF song1.mp3 (0.6MB)

Tansel Coskuner

Tansel Coskuner worked with us on a remake of Daggerfall. DFR (or ReDF, or even FReD) as it was known died but I'm still hosting these files by Tansel's permission for your pleasure of listening.

file: Tansel - A Tale From the Past.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Tansel - A Winter on Yeomsley Farmstead 2004.mp3 (1.9MB)
file: Tansel - A Winter on Yeomsley Farmstead.mp3 (1.2MB)
file: Tansel - Daggerfool.mp3 (0.3MB)
file: Tansel - The Streets of Gothway Garden.mp3 (0.6MB)
file: Tansel - Zalvor Theme.mp3 (0.9MB)

Seif Daystrom Seif Daystrom

Directly from the author: "For the piano pieces, I used Yamaha's XG synth. For the new piece, I used a custom arrangement of VST instruments".
Visit Seif at achtungnetwork.com (dead).

file: Seif Daystrom - Piano Wilderness.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Seif Daystrom - Piano Snowing.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Seif Daystrom - Daggerfall21vst.mp3 (2.1MB)

Dan Goodale

These remixes were created for DaggerXL by Dan and you can find him at dangoodale.com. This is a fine piece of work being an almost complete recreation of the Daggerfall soundtrack.

file: Dan Goodale - 02.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 04.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 05.ogg (7.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 06.ogg (3.5MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 07.ogg (3.1MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 08.ogg (2.1MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 10.ogg (4.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 11.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 12.ogg (1.6MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 13.ogg (2.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 15.ogg (1.4MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 17.ogg (2.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 18.ogg (2.5MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 21.ogg (2.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 22.ogg (2.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 23.ogg (1.6MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 25.ogg (1.9MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 28.ogg (2.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - 29.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D1.ogg (5.1MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D2.ogg (5.6MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D3.ogg (5.1MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D4.ogg (4.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D5.ogg (8.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D6.ogg (6.6MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D7.ogg (4.7MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D8.ogg (5.7MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D9.ogg (4.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - D10.ogg (4.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - DUNGEON.ogg (5.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - DUNGEON5.ogg (3.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - DUNGEON6.ogg (2.9MB)
file: Dan Goodale - DUNGEON8.ogg (3.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FM DNGN1.ogg (2.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FM DNGN5.ogg (3.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FM NITE3.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FOLK1.ogg (0.7MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FOLK2.ogg (0.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - FOLK3.ogg (0.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GBAD.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GDAY D.ogg (5.7MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GDNGN4.ogg (4.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GDNGN9.ogg (3.5MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GDNGN10.ogg (3.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GDNGN11.ogg (2.9MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GPALAC.ogg (2.4MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GSNOW B.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - GSUNNY2.ogg (3.0MB)
file: Dan Goodale - MAGIC 2.ogg (2.2MB)
file: Dan Goodale - OVERCAST.ogg (1.3MB)
file: Dan Goodale - OVERLONG.ogg (2.5MB)
file: Dan Goodale - RAINING.ogg (2.4MB)
file: Dan Goodale - SQUARE 2.ogg (0.8MB)
file: Dan Goodale - SUNNYDAY.ogg (1.4MB)
file: Dan Goodale - TAVERN (Maidens of Trowbridge...).ogg (1.1MB)

Karl Christmas

From the author: "As a music tech student of a clearly underfunded music department, I learnt how to make and music on a shoestring budget. I had set up a (very) small hobbyist music studio so that I could continue dabbling in music. My first project was to see what I could do with the music from one of my favourite games - Daggerfall. The inspiration came from hearing Zenogias's works.
For me, the objective was simple; I was going to remaster as much of the music as I could with the new software I picked up. The important thing for me was that I would learn how to handle the new software. As such, all the tracks were varying amounts of imported MIDI, and resequenced parts (which always included the melody). After a while, I thought 'I know, I might as well upload the best of these for others to listen to, or even include in Morrowind!'. I then left it at that; my gift to the internet, I guess."

file: Karl Christmas - 12.mp3 (0.9MB)
file: Karl Christmas - 15.mp3 (0.9MB)
file: Karl Christmas - 16.mp3 (1.0MB)
file: Karl Christmas - 21.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Karl Christmas - Mages.mp3 (0.9MB)
file: Karl Christmas - Overcast(long).mp3 (1.4MB)
file: Karl Christmas - Snowy Day.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Karl Christmas - Sunny Day.mp3 (0.8MB)
file: Karl Christmas - Swimming.mp3 (1.5MB)

Fredrik Eriksson

Fredrik, or Freddo as we use to call him back in the days of DFR is a musician from Sweden. These files come from his morrowing mod and are his original compositions.

file: Fredrik Eriksson - MWexplore01.mp3 (2.9MB)
file: Fredrik Eriksson - MWexplore02.mp3 (4.8MB)
file: Fredrik Eriksson - MWexplore03.mp3 (3.3MB)


From Zenogias, the author: "I had wanted to make versions of the Daggerfall music that were not simply a case of "open up the original midi files and save them as mp3". However, they are still almost entirely based on the original scores, so all credit for the writing of the music goes definitely to Bethesda."
Tried as I have I could not contact Zenogias thus I'm hosting these files without his permission but I trust he doesn't mind since he put this in his readme: "you ever want to use these files for any mod, please go right ahead, permission is not necessary".

file: Zenogias - 02.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Zenogias - 03.mp3 (1.4MB)
file: Zenogias - 11.mp3 (1.9MB)
file: Zenogias - 13.mp3 (1.2MB)
file: Zenogias - 16.mp3 (1.2MB)
file: Zenogias - 18.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Zenogias - 21.mp3 (1.4MB)
file: Zenogias - 23.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Zenogias - 25.mp3 (1.2MB)
file: Zenogias - 29.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Zenogias - 7.mp3 (2.0MB)
file: Zenogias - 8.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Zenogias - Bad.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Curse.mp3 (1.7MB)
file: Zenogias - Eerie.mp3 (1.6MB)
file: Zenogias - Folk1.mp3 (0.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Folk2.mp3 (0.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Folk3.mp3 (0.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Nite3.mp3 (2.0MB)
file: Zenogias - Overcast.mp3 (0.8MB)
file: Zenogias - Oversnow.mp3 (1.3MB)
file: Zenogias - Palace.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Ruins.mp3 (1.7MB)
file: Zenogias - Shop Chamber.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Zenogias - Shop.mp3 (1.1MB)
file: Zenogias - Snow B.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Snowing.mp3 (1.5MB)
file: Zenogias - Square.mp3 (0.6MB)
file: Zenogias - Street.mp3 (0.6MB)
file: Zenogias - Sunny Day.mp3 (0.8MB)
file: Zenogias - Swim2.mp3 (1.8MB)

Robert Hood

These songs were re-composed by Robert Hood for project DungeonHack.

file: Robert Hood - A Theme To Shop By.ogg (1.7MB)
file: Robert Hood - Into The Dark.ogg (2.7MB)
file: Robert Hood - Pilgrims Respite.ogg (2.7MB)
file: Robert Hood - The Virtuous.ogg (2.4MB)
file: Robert Hood - Treading Winter.ogg (5.2MB)
file: Robert Hood - Winter Gray.ogg (5.8MB)
file: Robert Hood - Night Adventures.ogg (2.7MB)
file: Robert Hood - The Arcane.ogg (1.8MB)


These are the work of Phuphus, an Elder Scrolls fan from France found at phuphus.com (dead).

file: Phuphus - Dungeon.mp3 (4.1MB)
file: Phuphus - Raining.mp3 (2.2MB)
file: Phuphus - Snowing.mp3 (1.7MB)

Matt Carlson

Matt sent these to the Daggerfall Revisited project as an example of some of the musical work he could contribute. These are acoustic guitar renditions of DF music.

file: Matt Carlson - DFBattle.wav (0.1MB)
file: Matt Carlson - Minor2.wav (0.4MB)
file: Matt Carlson - Mixolydian1.wav (0.4MB)


This remix of sorts was done by a musical friend of a DFR founding member DarkMouse.

file: dm - 11Remixedb.mp3 (1.0MB)