NOIR Storytelling System

A lightweight RPG system, co-written with my friend Lukasz Plesniarowicz. Originally intended for games set in the world as seen in the film (and the Westwood game) Blade Runner and the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? but suitable for any modern setting provided you supplement it with your own world description.

Here's the LaTeX source in lyx (2.0) format:
file: noir-v0.9.lyx (0.1MB)

And here's a ready to print version:
file: noir-v0.9.pdf (0.1MB)

The PDF is in A5 format so you can print it on A4 portrait two sided and staple in the middle.

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions and would welcome your contributions - especially when it comes to filling in the world and equipment section - e-mail me.