2016-09-18 - Truly Embedded

I think this is home now. Probably the longest I've ever lived in one place. Sadly, the startup I worked for ran out of funding and I'm with Qualcomm now. They treat me OK. I'm working on bluetooth chips. I've always counted bytes and instructions, now it actually matters.

2013-07-10 - Living in Cambridge

I've moved to Cambridge and now work for BlinkPipe. The company sells a unique and inexpensive video conferencing solution based on a subscription model. I get to work on the application running on their custom hardware which lets you create a video conference that runs in parallel to a regular phone-call - keeping the two streams separate to take advantage of the reliability of a phone call whilst adding the benefit of video. I get to write a lot of C and work under Linux which makes me a very happy coder.

2013-02-15 - Looking for work

Next week I'm starting to look for work. I'm planning to move away from gaming. I'm still putting finishing touches on Lethe before I release it for Android but otherwise I'll be job hunting.

2012-12-22 - Lethe

I'm writing a hybrid text-adventure visual novel engine (Lethe). I think the scope of this is small enough I can get it done in between jobs. I've finally pushed a preliminary version with a working internal parser onto its github repo.

2012-12-17 - Updated Daggerfall Music

Cleaned up existing files and replaced damaged files and added two more authors.

2011-07-30 - NOIR updated

I rewrote the VK rules to make it more of a game. I clarified the flaws and traits and how to add new ones. Cleaned up the the text in general after upgrading to LyX 2.0.

2011-03-05 - RPG system: NOIR

This thing has been sitting on my disk drive for too long. It's a home-brew RPG system I've written with a friend a few years back. I'm taking the opportunity of being stuck ill in bed to publish it on my website. I'm a bit too out of it to do any coding on MC but I'm working on some ideas on paper. Can't really stare at the LCD for too long.

2011-02-02 - I'm working at Climax

Since January I've been working for Climax in Portsmouth - hence the sudden freeze in activity, Getting myself up to speed (whilst moving house at the same time) with the new workplace and the tech they use is rather taxing and leaves almost no free time but shortly after I settle in and get an exemption from the non-competitive clause in the contract I'll be back to metal cruasde.

2010-11-04 - The job hunt is on

After dealing with my extra teeth problems, finding a place to stay in Edinburgh on short notice and other annoyances I've finally managed to put together the 0.1 release of metal cruasde and polished the CV. I'm starting to apply to positions in the UK and settling in for the wait.

2010-10-12 - Preparing for job hunting

I've updated the profile and the page about my last released game and am preparing materials for metalcrusade.com. I'll refresh my CV, maybe even get a haircut and shave and I'll soon be back looking for a job! Job hunting is usually quite exciting but sometimes includes soul-crushing periods of waiting for job interviews so in the meantime I'll be continuing the development of my demo/game project. I have also bought a shiny new domain: Tea Time Coder . com.